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11-13-2012, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
No, if they have a problem with it, it's either (i) bull**** or (ii) because the memo asserted falsehoods. If it is the latter, you can bet on a specific NHL response through the media.
Apparently, the memo did have some "falsehoods" but the general point was made and I think it's hurt negotiations.

But this is just another step in the drawn-out process that will shift some money from rich group "A" to rich group "B" while hurting the overall brand.

It's funny to me how some of the recent ex-players see things. I heard Mike Johnson and Jamie McLennan specifically discussing Fehr's strategic leak to TSN and then jumping to how unfair the owners are being to the players. How they are taking away players rights and contracts - you can totally see why the players have such a hate for the owners. They almost see it as the owners stealing from them.

I find it troubling that Bettman cannot seem to make a deal unless it involves a lockout. I'll get you the deal you want as long as you allow me to hold my breath as long as possible, because they will cave. And although he's right, it still feels wrong.

Originally Posted by JKP View Post
Yes you will. We all will. That's why this is happening, because they know we'll be back. You feel like this now, but once the pucks drop and the zamboni's rumble, you'll be back. We all will...
I have no idea how "common" this behaviour is in labour negotiations and certainly, the media does add a lot of drama to any public labour disruption, but these guys seem to be unable to make progress to save themselves.

I wish there was a way of clearly articulating how much damage they are doing to the NHL brand and limiting its growth in non-hockey markets, in converting fringe fans that have shown some interest over the past few years.

As long as revenues continue to climb and costs are in control, most of the owners won't really care. But Gary should as he is the keeper of the brand.

Now, back to work.

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