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11-13-2012, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
I don't think it would have had an impact. The trade was completed 15-20 minutes prior to the draft starting, and the Pens were working on the deal from at least the night before (after Staal had rejected their contract). It doesn't take long to work on a trade to move up a spot or 2 or 3.

Rielly & Lindholm are the two guys who I am intrigued and impressed enough with to say that they may be clear-cut better players (and have higher upside) than DP at this time, but it would have cost at least our 2nd round pick, plus probably another fairly high pick to move up. Toronto really loved Rielly, and Anaheim really loved Lindholm; so even if the Pens wanted to trade up, there may not have really been a willing trade partner. Extra time wouldn't have changed that if that were the case.

I disagree. I'm high on DP, but Rielly is at another level. His compete level is extremely high, his skating and speed is superlative, and because of his size/fitness/compete level, he probably has the ability to be more of an all-around Dman than Pouliot.

At this point I would say Rielly has Letang potential (#1 all-around Dman who can put up huge numbers), and Pouliot has Goligoski potential (#2 or 3 Dman who can put up lots of points, is underrated and effective defensively, but will have automatic limitations due to lack of size & physicality).

I know DP looks to have a bit more grit than GoGo, so it's not a perfect comparison, but I believe it's a pretty good comparison. Lindholm, on the other hand, could be like a Kenny Jonsson in his prime, which is a pretty special player and a legit #1 who logs huge minutes -- even if he doesn't put up as many points as the other two.
So Anaheim zeroed in on their guy, Toronto Zeroed in on their guy, and the Pens zeroed in on their guy. All 3 teams were in love with their pick. Given we are talking the Pens, I'll take their D evaluations ahead of those two teams any day!

Have you even seen Pouliot play? He is so far from being similar to GoGo it's not even funny. DP has been looking to fight this year, has a legit grittiness/physicality to his game, and will play at 210 lbs or so compared to GoGo's small framed 180. He is a great skater, with better vision right now than Letang has. Don't know yet if he has that natural mean streak that Letang and Morrow possess though. DP looks like he could develop into a complete player bro.

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