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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Couple of things here:

- Saying Gillis and Burke might have to meet in the middle isn't exactly groundbreaking. There will be compromise. However, Gillis has to bring in value commensurate of Luongo's calibre. So Burke can start as low as he wants, but until he offers up a certain amount of value, his offers won't be entertained. And they haven't been... No meeting between Lu and Burke has occurred.

- If you feel the Leafs aren't at the point of bringing in a talent the level of Luongo, I won't fault you for it. Maybe they aren't. But if Burke is going to bid, he's doing it because he feels TO is ready. Once that happens, there are no half measures. I don't imagine Gillis would care if Burke needed Luongo for a song, just because he had trepidations about his team's status. Either he's all in, or he's out IMO.

- I just point this out because you again cited CLB and EDM as non-ideal destinations, for one reason or another. Actually, _every_ destination besides FLA is non-ideal here, even TO. So this point is meaningless I should think.

- Lastly, Luongo does not _insist_ on a hockey market. Which was my point. He prefers, but he does not demand. Essentially, he props both types of locals in his quotes. He expresses the ease of daily life living in a place like FLA, where hockey is not king, and says there are positives to that as well. At the same time, he wants passionate fans. It will be difficult for him to get both from the same team. Lu will have to give up one thing to get the other. All that matters is that the overall package is enough to entice him to join that team. That's ultimately what matters.
OK, never ever did I say insist, i said prefer, there is a difference.

I never said Burke and Gillis meet in the middle I was stating what i think Lou goes for, period. Not as low as Leaf fans think, though we aren't the only ones who would prefer to obtain him for a song. As i don't think he will fetch what Nucks fan think he should, no matter where that is. This just seems more often then not the reality of the cap era.

-Yes Fla is his only choice so far. However, Edm and Chitown are not preferable destinations, general rule of thumb is not to deal impact players in you division or conference(Roy to Col, comes to mind). If Van lost to Chi or Edm in the playoffs, or were beat out for the playoffs, fans would scream murder, you will say not, but it is my opinion. I also said Clb is viable to you for what you think they would pay, That has no bearing on Lou and personally i think most will agree that his last choice or close would be there. This team has been continued to be one of the most mismanaged franchises in hockey.

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