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11-13-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
Anyone else catch this flu bug that is going around? Is taking a toll on me and my family.
I haven't been home in some time but it was so bad at the folks house that my stepdad actually visit a doctor and both my sister and mother took a week off work.

Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Yeah, good call on the pawn shops. I work in Gary, late at night at the gas stations, I've been offered a laptop, a gun and jewelry. Mind you, I am white, surprised I am even solicited, guess they figure I have the money to buy that stuff. They pull up to you in an SUV, hold up what they have and ask you if you want to buy it. Since your guy appears that he may not have a car, pawn shop makes sense but like I said, in these ****** neighborhoods, and I'm talking straight up hood, people getting shot and ****, they probably just go door to door selling stolen ****. It's ****ed.
They know that the pawn shops are updated with the police reports too, I'm sure this dude just headed south 20 blocks through the alleys and was straight up offering my stuff off, ********.

Decided to pick me a used thinkpad instead of a desktop, the money I'll save will help get some sort of functioning but used television or projector.

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