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11-13-2012, 12:24 PM
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“To residents, she was the face of everything that’s gone wrong in Glendale — of the tax, of the Coyotes, of Camelback Ranch,” he said.

Chavira has called the agreement with Jamison a sweetheart deal. He and Weiers say the city needs a better deal and call on current leaders to let the new council have a say on the matter as it will impact their terms on council.

Should have thought about that before running in the election.

“I would hope that the current council understands that there’s going to be a big change on council, that they need to give the new folks a chance on decisions that affect us,” Weiers said.

That doesn’t appear likely.

Clark and Martinez said it’s more important to finish the deal and end uncertainty about the team’s future that began in 2009 when the owner filed the team into bankruptcy. The National Hockey League has operated the team since then.

Both said they are the elected officials with three years of experience dealing with the issue.

“Let me tell you something, I’m a duly elected council member,” Clark said last week on a Valley radio sports-talk show.

Not sure I would want to put the last 3 years on my resume.

Of course the out-going will not let the in-coming have a say. The CoG couldn't ram it thru on Nov 27th if that was the case. Clark wants this agreement with Jamison to go thru no matter what and no matter the damage to the CoG. It's her legacy, and she wants a statue built in her honor some day. The newly elected are going to be trying to put bandages on a gaping gash that needs stitches. Good luck to them.

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