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Originally Posted by Chubros View Post
The PA is harping on this as part of its PR war and apparently some are falling for it. It's really a minor issue compared to the money.

Expect the contracting issues to be settled in no time flat once an agreement is made on the economics. The league doesn't need all it is asking for on the contracting issues; realistically all that is required is something to stop the huge front-loaded deals. But with the PA still holding out on the money side, the league has no reason to give in on any of its demands in other areas.

Right now the deal is being held up by one thing: the PA's refusal to accept a deal that is linked to HRR. Linkage forces the owners and players to share the cost of lost revenue due to the lockout and share the risk of how fast HRR will grow. Fehr is playing a game of chicken, and so far it has worked - it has made the league move a long way in its offers while the PA hasn't really given much way at all. Expect Fehr to push the season to the brink before a deal gets made.
Do you work for the league?

The players accepted a deal "linked to HRR" in the last CBA and have made no suggestion they wouldn't in this deal. The only "stumbling block" is that the league immediately wanted to rollback salaries and not honour deals signed by the owners over the last CBA. Period.

The players have agreed to a 50/50 share of revenues and in their last proposal they guaranteed the split would reach 50/50 by the third year of the deal. This is a huge concession on the part of the PA. Bettman's response to all of this was to say that the league was unwilling to move at all on any of the contract issues.

I think you're being willfully obtuse when you suggest the league has moved a "long way" and the players haven't. In real terms, the league hasn't moved at all. They simply started at an untenable, idiotic position to give the illusion of movement, and the NHL's lapdop media drank it up. If we follow this sort of logic, the PA should have started asking for a 75% split of HR, unrestricted free agency after the ELC, and that all players be paid in gold bullion. Then the players would have moved a long ways already

Originally Posted by LickTheEnvelope View Post
This, but i'm interested to see why Proto believes the other concessions (contracting changes) are a major stumbling block to the negotiations.

The only person anywhere near the PA i've heard even mention them over the last few months is Crosby who isn't affected by those changes at all... and really those changes wont affect what NHL players make at all.

In fact all of the concessions the NHLPA have been pushing for from the NHL seem to be in paying the current players what they made before and de-linking HRR.
The PA is attempting to settle the HRR/revenue splitting issue before tackling the contracting issue, but in the last round of negotiations last week, Bettman reportedly told Fehr & Co that there would be no movement on those issues. They seem to be dead set at increasing UFA eligibility, capping contract lengths at 5 years, and having low variance between contract years.

Bettman's hard-line approach on every issue is what's dragged this process on so long. He's not used to dealing with someone who is better at the process than he is, and it's why Fehr has slowly turned the PR battle in his favour over the course of the fall.

Basically, why would the PA agree to all of these HRR/revenue splits without assurances that the league is going to give? The PA has already given -- a lot -- and the league's response was, "Good! Now give us some more there, and we're also not budging at all on any of the other issues. Final offer! (again)".

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