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11-13-2012, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I wouldn't compare Desharnais to Briere just yet. Also, Philly is a stacked team, they don't rely solely on Briere where as with the Canadiens, Desharnais and his line is the one we lean on.

While I think there are some on this board that completely underrate Desharnais, there is a whole other group that severly overrrates him.
I don't see how he's overrated. We're talking about a guy who got 60 points in his first full season. And it's not like he played with superstar wingers. People love bringing up the fact that he played with Pacioretty and Cole, but those two, while being great players, aren't exactly future HHOF candidates.

Why is it so wrong to think that maybe Desharnais could get better? He may not be Galchenyuk-young, but his game could get better. He has the tools to put up the points in the NHL, yet somehow, people want to get rid of him to make room for guys who haven't played a single NHL game or that haven't produced close to top-6 numbers.

Personally, I just find it amusing that some are already tossing him aside as an afterthought to make room for our great future, instead of thinking that maybe the proven asset should be part of it.

Plus, I've never heard any arguments against Desharnais beside "he's small". Small players have succeeded before in the NHL. And when you point that out, the only reply you get is "he's no Martin St-Louis or Theoren Fleury". After one season, no ****. Right now, he is what he is. But I'm hoping we'll give him some time to prove what he's worth.

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