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11-13-2012, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
The trap is fantastic certain situations....but for a team like Russia (talent), it's stupid to plan the entire game around it.

At some point Varnakov should let this team's offensive talent do its thing. Right now it seems like every scoring chance is generated from an individual effort. There's absolutely no offensive cohesion and the PP is a joke.
Its no wonder why a guy like Yakupov looks frustrated.
Would you rather see Russian goalies facing 55-60 shots on goal a game, like they did in the 2012 WJC against the Czechs, the Swedes and the Canadians? Remember, most of those shots were from point-blank range. The trap shouldn't be so necessary in Ufa, but on small rinks like you have in Canada, it helps to nullify the "kitchen sink" style forecheck that the Russian defense did such a poor job of defending. You may think its "stupid," but almost every NHL team used it in the 1990's, and the League had to basically legislate it out of existence. It works on small rinks, where most offense is generated from the forecheck.

I don't know why Varnakov has been unable to forge a connection between any of his offensive stars on the ice, but this is the most disconnected, disjointed and selfish group of players that I have ever seen wearing the Russian crest. It all starts with Yakupov, who refuses to pass the puck, and who continues to make unforgivable turnovers brought on by selfishness, all right under Varnakov's nose. If this series is any indication, Varnakov will be another "one and done" coach who fails to harness the assets he has. As individuals, we know that a number of these guys are really good, but they have generated next to nothing over four games so far. The Canadians deserve credit for playing tough defense, but these guys have just failed to do anything to overcome it.

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