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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
I found the following information from Skeete interesting.

This completely contradicts the financial rationale for the deal that was presented in June. At that time, the COG presented an economic analysis by TL Hocking and Pollack that indicated that the direct benefits of the Coyotes lease exceeded the costs. In that case, retaining or losing the sales tax increase is a moot point, because Skeete claimed that it would cost more to lose the Coyotes than to keep them, with or without the tax. In fact, you could argue that if the sales tax had been overturned it would have been even more important to keep the Coyotes as the less expensive option.

Of course, it was all a crock based on "Clarkonomics" and false and misleading analyses from TL Hocking that was presented to the council and citizens of Glendale.
Also contradicts the rational for implementing the sales tax increase in the first place and the subsequent vote to keep it, the tax increase was pitched as extra revenue to keep Glendale safe, police and fire-fighting, keeping the festivals and keeping the air-conditioner running at COG city hall.

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