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11-13-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
well that is the million dollar question isn't it? this is why i am on the fence about Lou, like I said at the right price, yes. And some will jump on me for that but fine. We can only give up so much or we will find ourselves in this viscious circle again soon. I am not sure your age, but i have seen the Leafs do this time and time again, trading the future for the present, and here we are again. My honest answer is I don't know. I don't wanna say free agency, but I suppose more then just lou could be had via trade. If Cgy drops the bomb, they have to blow it up sooner then later, right? Kipper might be able to be had.
I will just say this, my father worked for the Leafs orginization when i was a child, his 4 stanley cup rings are now in a case on my mantle. I have a picture of myself sitting on King Clancy's knee at the Leafs Christmas party in the Gardens as well as Christmas cards signed by Harold Ballard. My Godfather is none other than the most successful Leafs goalie of all time. That is why it pains me when i hear things like "it's better to lose than bring in a super qualified goalie". Take a look at recent history and tell me that teams don't move 1st round picks. Was Columbus on the cusp of contention when they brought in Carter? Lindback just went for a pile of think Tampa is odds on to win the cup? Varlomov was traded for a 1st and a second... i'd take Luongo 8 days a week over Varlomov. My point is, there are GM's willing to trade picks to upgrade their teams, Burke has a chance to vastly upgrade an area of severe concern here and a protected pick makes you run away? Lupul, a protected 1st and a 4th is miles away from "selling the farm" when the return is pretty much guranteed to have a bigger impact than what you are trading.

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