Thread: Prospect Info: 2012-2013 Prospect Talk PART IV
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11-13-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
You severely underrate Reinhart if you think all of those guys could be ahead of him at this point. IMO, Reinhart is arguably the best shut-down defenseman on that list. Murray is probably the only one who is better as far as pure defense goes. The rest of the players on that list are either offensive oriented, or just flat out not on Reinhart's level.

He'll be on the team or he'll be injured. One or the other.
gotta agree with this. Reinhart CLEARLY stands out on the ice and it's NOT just his size. He's got a presence out there, like Pronger has a presence. I know he's not as physical as Pronger and may not be as good as Pronger was (remains to be seen) but this guy will definitely be a top pairing dman on Team Canada and he'll be on the NYI sooner than later.

It was a smart pick and a safe one. I know Morgan Reilly's been really good as well, has some good stats and highlight reel goals but Reinhart will not disappoint and might make the better pro defender. Solid pick!

Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
What I like about Strome, is that he seems to like to throw the body too, saw him hitting the Russians all night, he must be a pain to play against. One minute he's stichandling against you and making nice passes, or scoring on a great shot, the next he's planting your face into the boards.
He's gotten FAR better at playing the boards and taking the body. He started to do this a bit last year but this year (and I've only seen him play 4-5 times) he seems to be a different player. What I noticed most is his willingness/ability to take a hit to make a play. He used to be more of an off-the-rush playmaker with slick passing and stickhandling whereas now he seems to play more of an NHL-style game.

Nice progress from Stromer.

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