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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
I don't think it's accurate to compare individual NHL clubs to competitors such as GM and Ford. NHL clubs are business partners first and competitors second. The league as a whole has always had the final say on the player roster of individual clubs.
Just like GM, Ford etc are business partners in my scenario where they set up an "Entry Draft" for new workers. Does that make it legal in your eyes?

Originally Posted by overpass View Post
The NHL as an organization has collectively bargained with the players association that players who enter the league are not free to choose the NHL club for whom they play. They gain that right after a certain amount of time. This is analogous to a player being assigned to a different office upon joining a firm.
Except that the NHL is not a firm but a joint venture between independent clubs=firms. Players are not assigned to different offices of one firm in the NHL Entry Draft, they are assigned to different firms.

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