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11-13-2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
I am going to make a prediction.

A lease will go to vote on the 27th. It will be a recently revised lease that GJ and the JSG have presented to Skeete and that Skeete is currently not able to digest. None of the 4 sticking points adjusted in a desireable fashion for the COG.

I fully expect Skeete to not recommend council to sign the lease much the same way he presented ammendments to the June lease as the city could no longer afford it.

I also fully expect Skeete to tell the COG that this will be GJ and the JSG's final offer before they walk away from the deal.

I fully expect the four amigos to vote in favour of the lease and then the real fun will begin.

Yes, this has many holes in it. Fire away.
If Skeete wishes to ingratiate himself with his new bosses then he'd be best advised to recommend that the outgoing council NOT approve whatever form the latest and greatest lease agreement will hold. Nothing says "You're Fired" more than going against the likely wishes of the people you'll be answering to come early January.

As for the vote..... it's likely to be 3-3 with Knaack being the swing vote..... perhaps the possibility of being recalled has her quaking in her boots.

If GJ graces the council with his presence on November 27th I hope the new mayor is there as well reminding GJ the new sheriff is watching and is not amused.

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