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11-13-2012, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Because long contracts in the recently expired CBA were clear cap circumvention techniques. The cap is ineffective if teams can abuse it that way.

There are other, perhaps more directed ways to prevent cap circumvention.

Originally Posted by Noldo View Post
The issues is most likely frontloaded contracts, which push especially UFA prices upwards - and increasing UFA salaries in turn increase the demands of high profile RFAs. After all, without the ability to decrease cap hit with tagged-on-low-salary-years a team like Philly (which allegedly made the first life-time offer to Sutter, driving the price upwards) would not had means to offer either of them those contracts within the agreed cap structure.

What I dislike about the broad methods to plug a single hole is that there will be many unintended consequences. If you tighten down the variance from year to year, which is something that actually existed in the last CBA albeit now exploited, you get after the true culprit. I don't think teams really wanted to give out 15 yr contracts per se. They did it to massage the then allowed variance, and thus achieved a cap circumvention mechanism. Both restraints are unnecessary.

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