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Originally Posted by FishManSam View Post
Let me explain myself.

The 1st game I played against Montreal, I'm outplaying him... I have like 30+ shots and he has under 10, yet he's winning 3-1, 2 of his goals a curl wrist shot and one is a fluky deflection. As you could imagine I was extremely frustrated, but I stayed in the game, then Nyquist skates from his end of the ice, rolling of checks, skating through sticks and never falling, he's 75 overall... After all that Gustav scores and at this point, for a split second I'm so frustrated I just shut my Xbox off.

I get back on, send Montreal a message saying I'm sorry and I was very frustrated, we'll play again and I'll let him win. The nest day (today), we play a real game until the end, then I'd let him win. So it's 2-1 for me with a minute left, I let him score so it's 2-2. I didn't think it was a huge deal for me to take it to OT and let him win then... (In my mind, I felt like I deserved a point for "beating" him this 2nd time around) In his mind it's enough for him to quit, jump on the forums and spew insults about me and send me a hate message.

We play a 3rd time, I let him score on an empty net in the 1st period then we wait the game out... 1-0 final for him in regulation...
You didn't deserve a point the 2nd game.

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