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11-13-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by SerenityRick View Post
Not bad except Boston and Montreal not being divisional rivals anymore would be extremely controversial
Splitting up Montréal-Boston would be controversial, as that is a great rivalry. But Montréal-Québec was an even greater rivalry until the Nordiques flew away, one that captures the passion of an entire province (nation). Boston in the Comcast/NBC division gives the broadcaster access to the greatest hockey metropolises in a concentrated format, and preserves the equal distribution of Original Six franchises. So I say let it be. The Northeast is essentially configured as a Canadian division, and maybe Buffalo can swap some broadcasting rights from TSN for the concession of a couple of neutral games in

I know it won't play out the way I suggested. I think the Molson-Bettman feud and Quebecor's lawsuit against Bell will hamper Québec's bid. Sports after all is governed by politics. I also believe that both the owners and players are greedy enough to charge exhorbitant amounts for expansion teams which will only further saturate the league (because it is evident that the NHL has the same stability as the NFL) and extend the NHL season, when the best way to grow the sport is in my opinion to shorten our season, and work in conjunction with the IIHF to have international hockey expanded.

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