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Originally Posted by XX View Post
What we're now down to is more or less a philosophical question; should cities be in the sports business? Glendale said yes to that a long time ago, which is why you see two amazing facilities, surrounded by retail, in a glorified suburb. To turn back on that now is childish and shortsighted.
Cities? Maybe. Regions? yeah it depends. Suburbs? no.

When the main city in a region puts up an arena or stadium, yeah it enhances the image of the city. Improves quality of life, etc. Same when its done on a regional basis. When its done by whats essentially a town than no. Having multiple sports teams in an arena is good for the image as a major league city and makes it a more desirable place to live. If you like sports and you have the choice to live in a city that has 3 teams vs a city with no sports you many gravitate there.

That being said for a suburb to pick up most of the tab is insane. They don't get any of the non-economic benefits. If not for this disaster, how many people not from Arizona know that the team was located in Glendale? Also the incremental benefit of a 4th team isn't worth as much because you already have all the seasons of the year covered. Especially if it requires building ANOTHER venue

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