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11-13-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Fehr was the right call. When you're dealing with Proskauer Rose and Luntz PR blitzes, you need a real defense system, not some mock ups left lying on the beach to spook the boogeymen away.
I guess Fehr was the right call if you were looking for a knock-down, drag out, fight. If the NHLPA was looking for the best deal it could get going forward - I'm not so sure.

Obviously - if Fehr's strategy gets the players what they want (de-linked revenues & guaranteed raises for the forseeable future) - it was the right call to hire him. If the season & cancelled, and the PA ultimately accepts something similar to what's on the table now (50/50 HRR split, w/ make whole $'s from owners), the players just flushed about $1.6B of salary down the toilet, and that is money that is never coming back.

WAY too early to say that Fehr was the right call, unless you think that tweeking Bettman & the NHL noses is worth at about $300+M in lost wages (assuming 64 game season at this point), and potentially $1.6B if the whole season is cancelled.

I just come back to - the parties involved have to know what is worth fighting over. I'm worried that the NHL doesn't understand that with some of the contracting issues, and I TRULY believe that's the case with the NHLPA. From my perspective, they are fighting because they "lost" the last time, and the NHL started with a low-ball offer.

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