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11-13-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Clock View Post
I enjoy having a few drinks on occasion. The buzz is pleasant and I actually like the taste of beer and some of the harder stuff. I don't like losing control and getting completely drunk anymore, however.

Completely respect the opinions of those who would rather not imbibe, though. For me, it's a social and fun thing. As drunky as this sounds, yes, sometimes slightly drunken Rock Band with my wife is more fun than stone sober Rock Band with my wife.
Don't get me wrong, I drink. A few beers while shooting pool or throwing some darts is definitely up my alley. I think that's where my difference is from a lot of others, though. I always saw drinking as a complement to another activity. Going out to play some pool would be the main activity, while having a few drinks on the side would complement it. A lot of my friends were the other way around and just wanted to go out specifically to drink. I just never found that fun.

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