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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
Reed will not be the GM. I love Kavis, but after this season I think he should be canned. He shows a general lack of awareness, he fails to adequately prepare this team and that shows in all the penalties such offside and time-count violations, a kick returner who isn't aware of what he should do on a missed field goal and general confusion. Oh yes, there was the time our kickers didn't know who was supposed to be on the field. He refused to fire an incompetent offensive co-ordinator. He has this perplexing love for Joseph. With questionable personnel decisions and on-field errors, I think it's time. This team needs a shakeup from the top down. I doubt we'll see it, however.

Good post. I really like Reed as well. As a man, as an intelligent speaker and thinker, and as an Eskimo through and through. But as a coach he has been a disaster based on all those things you've mentioned and so many more. People need to disassociate the beloved man from the performance and ability to do the job. I'd love nothing better than to give someone like him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just "learning" to be a better head coach. But the things that were done this year do not appear to be lack of experience things. They are decisions that should be made by even a guy in his first few games of the year, and other mistakes that should never be made in the first place.

Another thing. His apparent arrogance during interviews is starting to rub me the wrong way. Same type of feeling I had when the media started to question Danny Maciocia, and Maciocia treated them like dummies and insinuated he knew everything and did nothing wrong.

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