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11-13-2012, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Look at Detroit's blueline right now post-Lidstrom. Nashville would envy it if Weber vanished.

Right now Nashville's defensive depth has been pretty badly shaken. If for some reason Josi doesn't do well (either due to soph slump or injury or both), then the blueline's in pretty ugly shape. Losing Weber would turn it into a bona-fide catastrophe as there are no other legit top-pairing blueliners there at the moment. (Josi seems likely to become one, and looked a lot like one last year, but, again, we'll see.)

Mike Green's skillset has some compatibility issues with Preds hockey. He could work out there just fine... but not as the leader of that blueline. If Suter hadn't left, that's a pairing that could have worked, but Suter nowadays is busy complaining about taking the money and running not coming with a guarantee.

And the funny thing is that Nashville doesn't actually need a major offensive star. They were one of the top goal-scoring teams in the League last year without one. Some teams score by committee; Nashville scores by massive bureaucracy. Or something.

Bottom line, while adding a major elite All-Star forward would be nice, it's not worth effectively crippling the blueline for the foreseeable future.

...and then of course there's the whole "Washington wouldn't do it in a million billion years" factor.
Green has been playing 27 minutes a game with Shaone Morrisson and Jeff Schultz for most of his career and making it work as a top pairing of a good to great team. Best he partners he ever had were Poti on a good run and a 38 year old Hamrlik last year. No Ryan Suter holding his hand. Ever. Nashville's blueline doesn't automatically keel over and die if Green replaces Weber.

Either way, a proposal like this would be Weber for Green + Johansson + type.

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