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1939-40 Allan Cup

Originally Posted by ContrarianGoaltender View Post
I finally got around to running the home/road splits on the incomplete save percentages numbers I presented for Bill Durnan last round, and wanted to slip it in just in case this is the last chance to discuss Durnan:

Home: 1800 Min, 576 SA, 51 GA, .911 Save %, 19.2 SA/60
Road: 1680 Min, 694 SA, 67 GA, .903 Save %, 24.8 SA/60

Home: 1920 Min, 663 SA, 64 GA, .903 Save %, 20.7 SA/60
Road: 1680 Min, 737 SA, 68 GA, .908 Save %, 26.3 SA/60

The fairly large shot differential (5.6 SA/60 in each season) does suggest the possibility of undercounting or inaccuracy in compiling the results, and therefore perhaps gives reason to be less confident in these numbers, although as some have noted home ice advantage was pretty significant back then. I think it remains unlikely that Durnan was dominant save percentage-wise in those seasons, despite playing on a very strong defensive team, which in addition to his short career, Bunderwhelming senior league record, and the poor quality of opposition in the war years is why I still have him ranked relatively low in this round.

If we're going to massively adjust Johnny Bower's numbers because of shot quality against (which is probably the correct move), then it would stand to reason that Durnan should have a similar adjustment, and this evidence (limited and incomplete though it may be) does suggest that Durnan probably wasn't even as far ahead of the rest of the pack as Bower was, at least from 1947-48 to 1949-50.
Bill Durnan won the 1940 Allan Cup, 1 Allan Cup loss in 17 games, with the Kirkland Lake Blue Devils and went to the Allan Cup playoffs on three other occasions

Not many other goalies played on Senior teams that went to the Allan Cup playoffs in four consecutive seasons. Rather impressive record that was used as a plus for Durnan's career. Now you misrepresent his achievements. Why?

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