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11-13-2012, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Ratty View Post
You may be right in your last sentence. But where are they going to play? Boston Garden, Staples Center, Madison Square? The NHL owners control most of the ML rinks around the country and in Canada.
My belief is that if they cancel the season, it will break the Union. And, if they tried to start out in 2013-2014, they'd have not only replacement players but NHLers who would cross the line. You could also enlist foreign players. Who knows you could probably entice a certain enigmatic Swedish center to come over. And, of course, there's 2013 draft crop.

Not ideal by any means, and it could take a few years to get back to the quality of play we're used to, but it could happen.
They put replacement players on the ice the owners will lose so much money not only in that season.. but for the upcoming years. The ******** for them will be legendary and at least 90% of season ticket holders across the whole league will drop their tickets and you'll see a mass exodus of fans, and the little tv exposure that you already have. If the players we're going to start up a new league or had interest they'd prob have to play in college areanas or something like it. I assume most ahl rinks will be closed to them.

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