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11-13-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
Reed will not be the GM. I love Kavis, but after this season I think he should be canned. He shows a general lack of awareness, he fails to adequately prepare this team and that shows in all the penalties such offside and time-count violations, a kick returner who isn't aware of what he should do on a missed field goal and general confusion. Oh yes, there was the time our kickers didn't know who was supposed to be on the field. He refused to fire an incompetent offensive co-ordinator. He has this perplexing love for Joseph. With questionable personnel decisions and on-field errors, I think it's time. This team needs a shakeup from the top down. I doubt we'll see it, however.
Yup. Loved this little quote from Mckinnon's article in the Journal today.

"He lauded the mentorship and professionalism of Kerry Joseph — “From a franchise perspective, we value what Kerry is about.”

And Reed said “no one has written off Steven (Jyles),” the journeyman pivot the club received, along with kicker Grant Shaw and a draft pick, in the Ray trade."

Sounds like he's ready to go with the same 3 QB's next season, just the guy I want as GM.

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