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11-13-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Garrus Vakarian View Post
I can't tolerate BF3 anymore. Yeah, it's better than Halo and COD, but the rented servers(and their ****** owners)really killed the enjoyment I had from the game.
Its really not fair to put Halo in that category. I can understand if you want to put CE anniversary, Reach and ODST all in the same category of being yearly updates of Halo 3 in terms of multiplayer + a short campaign but 343 did the job with Halo 4. Right from the visuals to updating the multiplayer. Probably my favourite game this year (and there where a lot of great games this year). Hell, I'd pay full admission to go see the epic CGI cutscenes from the game in theaters. It looks like MLG is enthused about it too with Halo returning to the rotation.

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