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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
The Saurus with a negative outlook on something Canucks related... I never thought I'd see that day!

You say there are a few much, much better players... care to list them? In what ways are they much, much better players then Corrado? Maybe you can back your opinion with actual reasoning, stats, facts..etc instead of just making a claim with nothing backing it?

I think his play this season with the Wolves, playing a part in winning the World Junior Club Cup this Summer, play in the Subway Series & his versatility has surely earn him an invite to the WJ Camp. Unless his play falls off a cliff between now till the Camp I think his play & ability to play a shutdown role or an offensive role (he's got a useful 100 mph slapper too) will make HC think long & hard before cuts are made. Also there is a reason he was a Finalist for the Max Kaminsky Trophy last year while not piling up the points.... he has great poise, positioning..etc
Wouldn't have had to read that post if you didn't quote it....much for the same reason you quoted it.

Funny part is, all the players he said have a better chance still make the team in my proposed d-corps.

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