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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
That would assume Cactus Phil doesn't remain in sunny California and comes out of retirement for one last vote. All indications are that Phil has vammosed from Arizona and exited Glendale politics forever.
Yeah Liberman has vacated his seat as of the end of Oct I believe. He wanted the newly elected member to take his seat before the official end of his term. Not sure if that's happening.

He said, “I am leaving two months before the end of my term. The reason I’m leaving is whoever is elected to replace me deserves to be seated immediately because he will have to make decisions that will affect my wonderful constituents. We have a history of councilmembers being appointed by council.

“My term officially ends Dec. 31. But because of the tremendous financial mess Glendale is in, whoever replaces me will have to live with the decisions he makes, not mine, for the next five years. I hope, by 2017, the economy will show some signs of coming to life.”

Opposite attitude of Clarke who wants to make her mark before exiting for the new council to deal with.

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