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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
Fulcrum is right that improvements in nutritional standards based on increased wealth and access to plentiful and nutritious food (going back as recently as the 1950's, famines occurred in some parts of the country) have increased human growth and health, so that more taller and heavier people will emerge, but also, the average is what falls into the middle range of the population. There are always taller and shorter people as a significant part of the population when you move away from the median. Also, Russia is a country of 140 million, so population genetics dictates that there will be many thousands or millions of young men at or about 185 centimeters.
This is true however, when you look at countrys like Latvia and Finland where average man stands between 178-181 cm and you look at their athletes, many of their teams are smallish which means they do a poor job generally of developing taller players. They most like shun them from invites to youth National camps instead of working and developing them because perhaps their size and awkwardness makes them not nearly as developed a product as some of the smaller quicker players.

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