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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Only if you agree to a league's demands is that possible.

I'm tired of arguing this with you, but I think the difference is that you believe the NHL would be reasonable in their demands of a PA and thus not resort to a lockout. I do not hold that view. I'm pretty sure the PA knew over a year ago that the NHL was going to try to get 48-50% of perhaps a redefined HRR even, and target contracting rights. Bettman had indicated for quite some time he was going after the cap circumventing mechanisms.

You don't have to be Fehr to understand what that means to the PA.
That is your belief that a slightly more cooperative approach couldn't have gotten a good CBA for the players in time. It's not a truth. We do know what Fehr's approach has led to.

If you construct a world view where any other option than the one Fehr is taking would be worse for the players it's hard to come to any other conclusion than it's good that the players have Fehr. But then you are very close to labor theology.

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