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Originally Posted by Fidel Astro View Post
Traditional markets are going to be OK with fan support, no matter how long the lockout lasts. I'd like to see hockey come back ASAP, but I'm not going to stop being a Jets fan if it doesn't. Nor are Leafs fans, or Habs fans, or Bruins fans, etc.

The only places this is a legitimate concern are struggling (non-traditional) markets. Good. **** 'em. Let the entire world see how apathetic the fans are in a place like Phoenix, so there's no need to debate whether they should be relocated or not.

I'm actually hoping some of these teams get even worse attendance after the lockout so we can finally be rid of them once and for all.
Actually, Carolina, Atlanta, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, San Jose, Tampa Bay Phoenix and Florida all saw increases in attendance from the 03-04 season to the 05-06 season. The five "non-traditional" markets that saw decreases were Dallas, New Jersey, St. Louis, Washington and Columbus. Colorado and LA were stagnant.
So we have 9 that saw an increase, 5 that did not and 2 that were stagnant.

As for "traditional" markets, Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Ottawa, Calgary, Buffalo, Chicago and the Rangers all saw increases, while Edmonton and the Islanders decreased and Detroit and Vancouver remained static.

This most likely had to do with League wide increase in attendance from 03-04 to 05-06. Funny- the NHL attendance actually increased in the seasons between the lockout.

I'm not going to analyze these numbers (yet), but they suggest that you are wrong.

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