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11-13-2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
That would assume Cactus Phil doesn't remain in sunny California and comes out of retirement for one last vote. All indications are that Phil has vammosed from Arizona and exited Glendale politics forever.
Could get interesting on a vote on the Coyotes. According to the CoG Charter:

Sec. 12. - Vacancies in council and office of mayor.

The council, by a majority vote of its remaining members, shall fill the vacancies in its own membership and in the office of mayor for the unexpired terms.

So do they fill Phil's vacant seat early with someone who might vote NO, or do they leave the seat vacant so they eliminate one potential NO vote?

Sec. 17. - Failure to vote.

No member of the council shall be excused from voting, except upon matters involving the consideration of his own official conduct or if a conflict of interest exists as defined by the laws of this state pertaining to conflict of interest of officials and employees. In all other cases a failure to vote shall be entered on the minutes as an affirmative vote.

If the CoG decides to not fill Phil's seat, is this considered a failure to vote by Phil, which automatically becomes a YES vote?

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