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Originally Posted by Roomtemperature View Post
Just let them become like Olympic amateurs where they can do endorsements but the schools don't pay them. I don't get this moral crusade the NCAA is on while its practically impossible to enforce and most don't care to.
Because while it's difficult to enforce the NCAA's "extra benefits" that allow virtually nothing of value to go to the student athletes -- except a small amount with transparent procedues (like, for example, working coaches camps)... that is a hell of a lot easier than allowing kids to have endorsements.

Olympic athletes can have sponsors because they need the money to train, and OTHER COUNTRIES CAN'T RECRUIT THEM BY OFFERING THEM MORE MONEY (sure, that does happen in some dual citizenship cases).

If endorsements were allowed, schools would simply change their corporate partnerships to send money the other way, to be given to student-athletes:

"We'll buy 5 cars from you and give you ad space, and pay you $2 million a year. You sign EVERY ONE of our studenth-athletes to a corporate sponsorship contract -- we send you a team picture of each sport to hang in your business -- and then the school has free reign to recruit kids using sponsorship money.

It would be "free agency" for recruiting. Like the old SouthWest Conference days.

Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I can certainly understand student athletes not getting paid for their services while at school, as they still get a good education out of it (assuming they don't get FSU'd into underwater basket weaving as a major) and from the simple fact that if they were paid it'd likely lead to the closing of lots of non-moneymaking sports in most programs, but even I can't find a logical reason why they shouldn't get paid if their likenesses are used after they graduate.
That make sense.
I think a pretty easy solution to this would be SCHOOLS get the players images to use for publicity and advertising forever; the NCAA gets the images to use for publicity and advertising forever; but LICENSING rights are returned to the player after college.

And each player gets a free copy of a video game they are in.

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