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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post

Only one problem: league revenues dictate based upon agreed percentages what the cap limits will be. So....sorry, incorrect.

But correct in that TML will charge double what NYI will because they can. Regardless, my money won't go to pay for a 15 year phenom or to redecorate Charlie's bidet.
I don't know what the numbers are, but I'm curious what the ticket prices were pre-post each lockout, league-wide. Maybe I'll google it.

I remember reading that it was cheaper to fly to Tampa and watch a Lightning game, than go to a Leafs game, which is pretty astounding.

I wonder how much the non-hockey-markets struggle for gate receipts and have to lower prices, add a bunch of incentives like free parking or free games in order to sell tickets...and how they are impacted when there's a work stoppage.

I imagine this is a relatively small percentage of overall league revenues so it's probably not that much of an impact.

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