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11-13-2012, 03:20 PM
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The problem is that the NHL can not figure out a system that works on their own. They claimed that the last lockout was the answer to all financial problems and now the complaint is we are still losing money and there is too much money going towards players contracts.

50/50 split saves the owners the amount of money that is going out to players contracts. They got what they wanted. The main reason for the lock out!

They get their 7% HRR savings...but its not enough. Now lets go after a players contracting rights. Not in a compromising way but a take it or leave it way. Over 5 years that saves the owners over ONE BILLION dollars...not millions but over a BILLION.

Once a players share is set at a fixed percentage why does it matter how much one player gets compared to the next. If they want to stall the process of how quickly a young player cashes in then COMPROMISE. Holding a gun to the heads of the players is no way to solve a problem.

The players have given in on every level of this negotiation which the owners stand only to gain.

What on any level on this CBA negotiation have the owners done to lean in the players favor? If this is a partnership then where is the partnership from the owners? With this kind of negotiating you can be 100% sure that at the expiration of this CBA that there will be another lockout!!!!!!!!!!!

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