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11-13-2012, 03:51 PM
No more status quo?!
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I have to admit, it would be a lot harder to swallow this if the Devil players were making inane statements to the media (a la Crosby and Toews) or if Vanderbeek was one of the hypocritical hard-liners ala Jacobs/Leipold, etc. Since the Devils have more or less been quiet through this whole thing I can go back to games with a clean conscience when this is over since me not going primarily hurts my team and not the league, though I do hope the league and players in general feel some hurt from this.

That said, if I weren't getting a sweet deal on season tickets ($22 per game, on the aisle smack behind the net) it might be a different story and I'd make more of a point to stay away or only buy tickets on the secondary market.

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