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11-13-2012, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Ollie Weeks View Post
I refuse to believe everyone in the world but the players noticed this back in August, there's just no way they're that dense.
Judging by the comments some of them have made, I'm guessing they are that dense. One look at the 2004/2005 lockout and you'll see there is no way the players are going to come out of this better the longer they wait. The opposite is true. In fact, they've probably already done irreparable financial damage to themselves at this point. Their actions my be altruistic but they certainly aren't helping themselves.

Before somebody gets on me about a pro-owners stance, I'm not pro-owner. If I were a player and my options were 50/50 with a slight reduction in salary versus a full year of lost wages, I know which option I'd take. Easy for me to say making a middle class income but the players are out to lunch if they aren't cognizant of what is going on in the economy and how the negative press from this lockout, compounded with a double dip and fans on social media organizing a boycott could have a large impact on the HRR gross in years to come. They can end up with a 60/40 split next summer and they'll never get that money back even if the HRR doesn't slide.

The thing I find laughable is that Fehr stalled this process. There is no disputing that I don't believe. He stalled the process and now thinks the players should still get paid for a full year? Yeah good luck with that buddy. If I was an owner I'd laugh in his face. The guy is a joke and he is making the players look bad in the process.

F the Fehr, Bettman, the NHL, the NHLPA and all the players, the whole lot of them. You are all a bunch of a-holes and we fans really ought to vote with our wallets when they come back. Lets make them regret they did this to us a third time. It isn't right that we spend our hard earned money and now we are left here to debate the merits of two sides that none of us can truly identify with. None of us are billionaires or professional athletes. We shouldn't even be having this conversation and here I am, delirious, repeating the same ****ing post for the 800th time.

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