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Originally Posted by Ryan McDonut View Post
now i love pc gaming and ive wanted to build a gaming rig for years but its easier and cheaper to own a console, plain and simple. i spent 400 dollars on an xbox 6 years ago and havent had to buy anything additional since. most people dont have the money to to build and upgrade their pc's or aren't good with technology and dont want to put the effort into it. the one thing that disappoints me about consoles is that they arent good for RTS games which is my favorite genre. i will be very interested in what the xbox 720 has to offer. it cant come soon enough because the 360 is really becoming outdated.
Easier, sure if you're not tech savvy, but cheaper is debatable. You spent $400 on your Xbox, up front, but you've likely also spent several hundred dollars on Xbox Live. Meanwhile I pay $0 per year to play multiplayer games on my PC (cost of my ISP excluded obviously). That initial cost gap decreases each year unless I elect to upgrade my hardware -- which is something a console user doesn't even have the option of doing.

Despite what my last few posts might indicate, I'm not anti-console. I'm a big fan of what the console could be. I just happen to think that it's lagging well behind in the grand scheme of things. I like the experience of gaming on my TV and the simplicity of the user experience, but when it comes to "wow factor" the PC just takes the cake.

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