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HRR Players/Owners, Hockey Leagues Around The World?

Couldn't find a thread concerning only this.

There's a lot of talk how it's done in different sports leagues in NA. But how it's done elsewhere? I know that it's not easy to estimate, because it depends how you calculate the HRR and there are many leagues without cap etc. And the NHL is the biggest league with the best players.. Cost structure could be different, what ever... At the end of the day the idea is the same. They pay players to get the best possible product for the fans, they've got an arena where they sell tickets.. And after that they try to sell everything else what is related to a hockey team. Plus of course, they compete with other teams.

If I look at the budgets in Finnish hockey league (SM-Liiga), players share seems to be somewhere between 30%-40%, depends on a club.

Does anyone have any numbers from other professional hockey leagues like KHL, SEL, DEL, NLA etc? Just rough estimates. It's only that in my opinion it could be interesting to compare how much they spend money. On ice product vs organizing the whole system. Do teams make profit or not?

E: And Finnish fellows, correct me if my figures are wrong. They're originated from a Finnish hockey forum where someone has gathered all the budgets and players wages. Percentages looked like that to my eye.

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