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Originally Posted by ContrarianGoaltender View Post
I was mainly referring to his performance in the QSHL for the Montreal Royals. Iain Fyffe discussed in the last voting thread about how Durnan's GAA results were not particularly good in that league, and the newspaper reports that I read about Durnan in the QSHL described him as "steady" and "dependable". The Canadiens had the mediocre Paul Bibeault in net for two straight seasons where they finished second-last in the league in goals against, and still didn't give Durnan a shot until 1943-44.

All that doesn't necessarily prove anything, but it does raise some question marks, particularly because Durnan had a short career and made it to the NHL relative late. You're probably right that Durnan's Allan Cup performances should add to his record (Durnan was apparently the 1940 amateur goalie of the year, which is to his credit). Maybe the Royals weren't that good and Durnan was better than his numbers suggested, I don't really know, I'd just like to see some strong evidence that Durnan was a truly dominant goalie and not just a good goalie on a dominant defensive team and it's tough to find it beyond high praise from some of his teammates and coaches.
QSHL during the 1941-42, 1942-43 seasons was a transient league, armed forces or war effort job, players. Bill Durnan early career and first NHL contract:

Had to be convinced to play in the NHL:

AST voting of the era featured the 6 NHL coaches so I doubt that the opposing coaches did not reflect a team consensus. Also 6 Vezina Trophies in 7 seasons speak for themselves. Matched only by Jacques Plante.

The - John McGourty :

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