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Originally Posted by Ludwig Fell Down View Post
I'm wondering at this point what the range of possible resolutions are. Here is where I think everything stands.

1. Lease renegotiated, Jamison has investors lined up, new CBA agreed upon, NHL selsl to Jamison, team stays.

2. Jamison deal falls through, and absent mystery owner #4 appearing, NHL contiues to owe the team. As I understand it, the AMF has been extended in 30 day intervals and would need to be extended for a season by the new Powers that Be in the CoG.

3. Jamison deal falls through, and absent mystery owner #4 appearing, NHL contiues to owe the team without a new AMF subsidy, and covers all losses for this season. Seems even more far-fetched as #1.

4. Relocation. Also far fetched because the time between CBA signing and the start of the season will be a couple of weeks.

5. Contraction.

Any other possibilities, or any holes in any of the above potential outcomes? I only see 1, 2 and 5 as possible. I can't remember who mentioned contraction first back in the spring (CF?), but it seems more and more plausible as we move closer to a potential CBA resolution and with the new city government.

I think you forgot the most likely scenario, based on past history. The COG will approve the lease by majority vote of council, and then there will be a flurry of legal and political activity (including the launch of a referendum campaign to overturn the ordinance). Everything will go into a frozen and confused silence without any obvious movement towards a sale of the franchise or consummation of the lease agreement by actually signing it. The NHL will try to get Glendale to pay even more money to subsidize the management and operation of the arena this season by threatening imminent relocation, and so on, and so on.

Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
Sources aside, I thought Phil asked willy d. to take his place as a voting member of the COG council. A key to the city type of thing.

Daly will forever be known to the citizens of Glendale for his " it's only an insurance policy, it will never be used"

Really? $25 million later, or is it $45million or $50 million. Hey is it a payment plan.

Glendale citizens should build the William Daly statue beside the Joyce Clark statue outside
No worries about the payment plan for the NHL subsidy over the past two years. The annual sales tax revenues from the new Tanger outlet will cover that over the next couple of decades. I'm pretty sure that was in the long term plans for the Tanger development anyway. It was to generate sales tax to pay for 2 years of subsidies to the NHL.

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