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Originally Posted by echlfreak View Post
The 50/50 split has been agreed to. It is just a matter of how quickly they get to 50/50. In order to get to 50/50 FAIRLY a step down method needs to happen.

Last CBA the players got 75% of revenues and no salary cap. Next a roll back, salary cap and 57% of HRR. They very easily could have gone into negotiations and said we want to go back closer to 75% but they didn't...and they didn't go after the salary cap which although would hurt teams ability to compete it would on the other hand solve financial difficulties for the less wealthy teams ex no cap floor to reach. Teams could spend based on what they could afford. After all this lockout is about $$$

Truth is the players have not gone after the cap and they have not gone after a greater share of revenues. They have proposed greater revenue sharing which will HELP the weaker teams AND they have proposed a step down system to get to 50/50 to yet again give the NHL a bigger piece of revenue (Over a Billion at a mere 5% revenue growth).

The players have tried to fix a broken financial system in a way which doesn't require another lock out in 5 years. Owners first proposal did nothing to change the system they merely wanted a reset in salaries. Who in their right mind creates a financial system which provides losses and then desires a simple reset of values under the same system which lost them money in the first place???

50/50 and Revenue Sharing solves the financial problems that the NHL needs. They get their 50% share compared to 43%. They have a chance to growth their business and gain a guaranteed 7% more every year. It should not matter at all how the players divide their share. Escalating second contracts need to be solved and it can be via a 2 year ELS?

The NHL is using a lock out to bully instead of negotiating FAIRLY and honorably. The NHL doesn't care that the players are losing money nor should they I guess? but they don't care about the NHL employees who are taking pay cuts and or getting terminated either...their OWN people.

OWNERS got their money there is no reason to further lock things out except GREED and POWER!
Not yet, but how do we know if they will if the NHL keeps throwing away their delinked raises proposals?

So paying injured players star player money is not a long term financial concern? What happens when a team has 33% of their cap room for the next 10 years allocated to injured players, who still try to make a living in the NHL?

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