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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
1. Owners set the going rate, and they say the money isn't there. IMO that's a management mistake that players shouldn't have to pay for.

2. Top teir players did agree to share some of their salary when the salary cap was imposed and they took a roll back in salaries. Hell, 10 years ago Holik signed a deal that averaged out to be more per year than any current player other than Ovechkin!
1. Not really, the market is set by the salary cap and the percentage of it that is the max salary each season. If a player knows he can get more, he and his agent will of course go for it. If it's a top tier player and the owner chooses not to pay the premium someone else surely will. You'd have to get a collective agreement from all 30 NHL owners as to what the max salary they will pay in order for what you say to have merit, and for reasons stated previously I don't believe that is realistic.

2. All players salaries were rolled back, not just top tier players. It took a lockout and a lost season to get the players to that point. The PA was deadset against a salary cap and roll backs back then as well (although I believe Goodenow resigned shortly after the new CBA was struck, and I'm not sure if that had anything to do with a disagreement between he and the players).

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