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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Because the current NHL proposed method forces a third contract into the mix when there's no legitimate reason for players to concede that point. There are plenty of salary restraints in the system already, as a whole. You shouldn't have to mandate it down to the level of every single player. That's why you have GMs-- to assess and valuate talent properly.

The ones who consistently fail shouldn't be rewarded by restricting player options unduly.
Wouldn't it allow the GMs to get a better assessment of that talent? How is that bad for the game. You are only looking at it being bad for a TINY percentage of NHL players. The NHLPA loves to claim they want to improve the league and help out teams, well this would help immensely. Saying a kid, a 21 year old, is going to be putting up numbers until he is 35 is a huge forecast to make.

Having more talent on your team means more fans in the seats and more revenue.

The current system only helps Star players get guaranteed money no matter how well they perform the future.

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