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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
Of course, since adjusted scoring applies a flat multiplier to each player's stats in the same season, then they're also 100% accurate in that sense. It's an unnecessary step, but it doesn't make it any less accurate. A player 10% ahead of another player in raw stats will remain 10% ahead in adjusted stats, barring blips from rounding etc.
Oh, is that so???
Hmmmm...then how come in raw stats from 90/91-98/99 we get the following results...
Gretzky 878 points
Jagr 862 points

But with Adjusted stats from the website we get...
(I had to redo the '95 season for each to the actual number of games they played and not the pro-rated full seasons it was listing)
Gretzky 843 points
Jagr 856 points

What were you saying again? 10% should stay at 10%
Funny, cause it looks like it went 2% Gretzky to 2% Jagr
You should have just stopped after saying "It's an unnecessary step".

It won't happen, because adjusted scoring only applies a coefficient (essentially the same coefficient) to every player in the same season, at least in modern seasons. So other than small blips caused by rounding etc, the % by tier will be the same, mathematically speaking.

In a league with 1000 goals, say you have the following:

Tier 1: 500 goals (50%)
Tier 2: 300 goals (30%)
Tier 3: 150 goals (15%)
Tier 4: 50 goals (5%)

If you're adjusting to a league scoring level of 1200 goals, you'll essentially be increasing everyone's goals by 20%, and you'll have:

Tier 1: 600 goals (50%)
Tier 2: 360 goals (30%)
Tier 3: 180 goals (15%)
Tier 4: 60 goals (5%)

Strictly speaking, this isn't entirely true, because players with zero goals will always remain at zero goals. So in seasons with relatively low goals per game, the bottom tier % will decrease a little, while in seasons with relatively high goals per game, the bottom tier % will increase a little. You don't need to run data for this one, it's simply based on an understanding of what adjusted scoring does, mathematically.
Try it and see what happens

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