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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
So much credit to DAChampion for really getting it. Too many of us are approaching this from a fan point of view - of course we're getting shafted, that's a given. But the players are actually winning right now and that's why they trust Fehr.
Maybe, right now, but for their sakes it better not become a season loosing lockout like last time. If that's what will happen they will bend the knees and get completely destroyed, if I would be the owners I would even ask the abolition of guaranteed contracts.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post

You can't disagree with math, you can only be wrong.

And on this note, I suspect that if a player is overpaid by 2 million dollars, you have two players being underpaid by 1 million dollars each, but I'm not sure how the distribution works in terms of number of players. I just know that in terms of total dollars, overpayments equal underpyaments. That is guaranteed by the CBA.
The problem with your reasoning is the fact that you omit that there is already a difference in contracts in the CBA. A rookie, is almost always a bargain and same thing about alot of the RFA's, because of the nature of their contracts. That's not really what Kriss E is referring. I think he is talking about the UFA's, where in my mind it's clear there is more overpaid players that underpaid ones.

Then again to abolish guaranteed contracts would resolve that.

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