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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
But it's not gone forever, the players are at 57% b/c they WON that part of the last negotiation. If they stayed at 54% (which they started at after the last lockout) they would probably be fighting off 48% and come the next lockout, they will be fighting off 45%. I don't believe they are "losing" money in the long term, definitely in the short term though.
You seem to think that the determination of the nhl owners to continue the lockout is based upon arbitrary percentages: that they just want to take a certain amount from the NHLPA.

In fact the nhl owners are all very capable businessmen whose determination to continue the lockout is based upon revenue lost due to the lockout vs. revenue they will gain from a better deal in the future. The reason the nhl has no problem continuing this lockout is because they made peanuts last season...about 5% overall profit with 18 owners losing money. If the nhl starts to make a sizeable profit in the future they will not have the incentive to lock out the players...pressure would be placed on Bettman to get playing and not lose revenue.

If the players were as astute business-wise as the owners are they would be playing right now, because their income is 100% profit: they made something like 1,500 million last year compared to the total nhl profit of something like 200 million.

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