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George Hainsworth

Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post

It is a complete rejection of the facts to assume a great player would be unable to adapt to a rule change were it placed in front of them.

It is a complete rejection of the ideals and intentions of this forum and this process to punish a player for elements that are out of their control and any reasonable assessment says they would adapt to.

Considering that the complete history of hockey demonstrates that rule changes have no long term effect on the hierarchy of players, the onus is on you to prove otherwise and you have consistently proven that your position is indefensible.

Consider George Hainsworth, pre forward pass and post forward pass performance:

Pre forward pass era, in three seasons, Hainsworth,twice led the NHL in GAA/three Vezinas and twice lead in shutouts - more than half of his career record of 95.

Post forward pass, even though Hainsworth played for two SC champions in 1930 and 1931, basically the same Canadiens team from the pre forward pass era, Hainsworth did not dominate statistically, nor did he recapture his dominance later with Toronto. Never lead in GAA or shutouts and never was voted to an AST.

So after the rule changes Hainsworth did not dominate like he did before. He adapted but at a much lower level solid vs previously dominant. The goalie hierarchy reflects this.

Hainsworth adapted to the rule changes associated with the post forward pass era but never performed at his previous level. he went from dominant to solid. This adaptation element was within his control but others simply surpassed him - adapted better. Other goalies won Vezinas, led in shutouts, earned AST honours including John Ross Roach and Lorne Chabot, bottom half contemporaries of Hainsworth in the pre forward pass era. Rather sharp drop from a dominant position. This impacted the long term hierarchy as well.

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