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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I think they know that, which comes back to why there is no deal yet.

The HRR is almost settled, Make Partial or Make Whole, choose your language.

The RS has been tweaked, and there's a growth fund.

The last CBA had a variance factor, so fix that..... that realistically should address every need the league has. At some point, the GMs and management need to be accountable for the rest of it.
There are reports that they are at or near an agreement on revenue sharing.
But they are far apart on the financials according to most reports.

But what we have here is the chicken and the egg. The league wonít move on its player contacting rights until it has "make whole" figured out, and the NHLPA doesnít want to give an inch either on player contracting rights, feeling its willingness to go down to 50 percent of HRR at some point in the new deal is a large enough concession on its own.

) The core economic issue. The league offered $211 million in guaranteed money last week in a revised "make-whole" provision, payable via one-year deferred payments (plus interest), money that would be outside the cap system in order to try to make players whole on existing contracts. The union feels the money isnít enough (as one union source said, try $600 million instead). Instead, the NHLPA last week told the league it wants to guarantee that players on a whole donít earn a dime less than the $1.883 billion in total salaries earned last season plus 1.75 percent in interest on top of that.

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