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11-13-2012, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
It hurts Bure a lot that after 1995 he only played in 4 postseason games. That's just poor in that regards. Whether it was holding out, playing on poor teams or playing on underacheiving teams he just never won a postseason game after 1995 when he was 24. Compare that to Fleury and while he had several disapointments in the postseason he always brought his team there and there isn't a time you would ever think Fleury was the cause of his team being knocked out. Granted, Fleury's resume could be better in the postseason too. Both could use some better raw stats, but it is certainly comparable. Even if you did a poll back then and even today on who you would want on your team for a playoff run would it be that crazy to pick Fleury knowing what you'll get?
"Hurts" Bure compared to whom? Certainly not Fleury, who himself might not have played another playoff game after '96 unless he had joined the 2nd seeded in the West Avalanche midway through the '98/99 season (Calgary went on to miss the playoffs until '03/04, which is past Fleury's retirement, to save you from checking). And think, without those 17 points in 18 games playing on the Avs, how well would Fleury's playoff record stack up to Bure's then? And don't forget, Fleury didn't bring squat to the Rangers in terms of post season appearances over 3 consecutive seasons... or do you see what I did there.

But hey, as long as you've gone from claiming Bure can't compare to Fleury in the playoffs to saying it's comparable, I can assume message received.

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