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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Oh, is that so???
Hmmmm...then how come in raw stats from 90/91-98/99 we get the following results...
Gretzky 878 points
Jagr 862 points

But with Adjusted stats from the website we get...
(I had to redo the '95 season for each to the actual number of games they played and not the pro-rated full seasons it was listing)
Gretzky 843 points
Jagr 856 points

What were you saying again? 10% should stay at 10%
Funny, cause it looks like it went 2% Gretzky to 2% Jagr
You should have just stopped after saying "It's an unnecessary step".
Did you intentionally miss the words "in the same season"?

Here, I'll help:

in the same season

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